Colonial Marines

Back in the Cluster

Fleeing the New Eden system for Polar Star in the Captain Flak, the group find they all have personal correspondence in their inboxes. Upon reading it, the Colonial Marines all discover they have been promoted to Corporal. Doc has had his medical degree confirmed, granting him an automatic promotion to Captain, making him the defacto OIC. The Navy boys have both been promoted to Lieutenant and been awarded medals, as has Chief Engineer Ash.

The jump from Polar Star to Dega is uneventful, as is the jump from Dega to Toril. Exiting jumpspace into the Toril system, however, the Captain Flak is confronted by two customs corvettes belonging to the Church of the Chosen Ones. A fast-talk roll by Pilot means they don’t have to undergo an inspection – a good thing considering the highly illegal chips they have on board! Sergei has been thinking about the chips, and the consequences of them falling into the wrong hands. He plans to have lookalike chips produced with an older targeting system program and pass these off as the cutting-edge chips they were paid to transport. Sergei also installs one of the chips into the Captain Flak’s tageting system.

Toril’s main planet, Derilyn, is an ocean world with two orbital spaceports. The Captain Flak docks at one and Sergei goes about getting chips made up as planned. The others have a look about, but generally stay out of trouble. 14 hours later, the fake chips are ready and the Captain Flak is heading out of system and jumping to the planet Paradise in the Yorbin System.

Paradise is a lawless world. Within minutes of landing at the makeshift spaceport outside the planet’s capital, Pleasant City, they are being shanken down for protection money by bikers. Ash crews the dorsal 100mm turret and trains it on the bikers, which encourages them to be on their way. Drive is left to guard the ship whilst the others go to the bar where they are supposed to meet their contact.

Not long after entering the bar a spotty youth tells them to be at warehouse 13 at midnight. It’s currently mid-afternoon so the boys have several hours to do what they want. They decide to ‘casually’ check out warehouse 13. Guns breaks out Betsy, his sniper rifle, and sneaks into a position covering the rear of the warehouse. Sergei rides past the front several times, but the place currently appears to be lockeed up tight. Midnight is not far away…

[Session Ends]



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