Colonial Marines

Dega System

The group decided to keep the 2nd vessel hidden in the urgency of the mission, despite Sergei’s protests, and re-hid the ship after ensuring they were not being tracked. Returning to the only habitable planet in the system, the landed at the main city and began enquiries regarding the stolen ship they were chasing.

Whilst their enquiries found nothing but more weapons, armour and explosive (who ever would have guessed they would find that?), they did find some nuns who were being molested by local children. Agreeing to escort them back to their monastry in order to find the pirate base reputedly nearby, fighting off some of the local curiosities on the way, the groups set up to stay for the night. With the pilot badly injured and hence pumped full of stimulants, a rest would have been welcome. However, bad experiences are not easily forgotten, and this group does not trust easily, not even nuns!

Apperently, with good reason. Whilst half the party paranoicly set up a secure perimeter, possibly against a possible impending pirate attack, possibly fearing something else as yet unknown, the other half of the party joined the nuns for the evening meal of stew and wine. Apparently military food is so bad for a reason…it builds up the bodies consitution so that toxins have less effect, and only one mamber of the party was rendered asleep, with two of the party wide awake and rather concerned at the effect of the food on their comrades and the third so full of stimulants that even the toxins did not put him to sleep. So when three nuns returned to butcher the party and fill their larder, Sergei, never far from his guns, instructed them on the poor wisdom of bringing knives to a gunfight. He probably should have used his supressors, though, as the rest of the nuns quickly dissapeared…somewhere inside the monastry. So the party begins to spend the night after securing the perimeter…



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