Colonial Marines

S3 Ep2 A short canoe ride. GUNS POV 1st person shooter.

Come with me if you want to live..

We spent two nights and a day with the bears, well, Ursa i suppose we should call ’em.
They showed us how to use a few of the crossbows and we sold them a Vespa in exchange for cash and gear. Then promptly had to buy more gear so they got some of the money back. We still have a lot but it looks like it will be our stake to get set up here ongoing. I am of the opinion that I am not going to see my back pay any time soon.

Copper filled us in on some of what had been happening back home before they shipped out and all the talk of Sathar invasion, riots, food shortages and rumours of insurrections and colonial insurgencies. Really not feeling confident.

Doc and Ash talked to the Old Medicine Bear and found out something disturbing. Apparently dead ain’t necessarily dead, in a The Walking Dead Season 5th revival season 1 sort of way. You know what I mean. looks like its brain pans all the way. Good thing I popped that Big Lizard right in the head. Oh, and we are to tell em if we get bad headaches. They wouldn’t exactly explain why however I am assuming its not good.

Ok so the morning we set out, loaded for bear so to speak, with our new segmentata, spears, crossbows etc. We get paddled across in some really big canoes by four of the Ursa and landed on the beach. Ugh sand, not my friend, damn stuff gets in your boots.

Trekking inland stalk stalk stalk carefully looking point all good…not much int he way of bush knee high grasses and low shrubs except for…a giant redwood style cut off tree trunk. Huh now thats odd.

Ill circle round the bare cleared area cause that’s not gonna be good.

Oh frack me thats one damn big Scorpion..and its looking right at me. Yeh this is not gonna be….AAAAARFHHGHGHGHGF|SHHDGFU!! It hurts! It Hurts! its shot me in the face with some toxin ah its in my eyes it like mega mace!

Twang Twang Twang, Crossbows going off, it squeals. Wow Pilot can shoot sometimes. Ash and Copper look like they potted it too. Its down but i still can’t see too fine. The boys dismember it and we move on, im still a bit blurry but i also the best point we got…

Abandoned village and tower. Well this looks like some time ago. Checking the tower its go a dungeon.Oh hell no. I am not going down there and besides did you see any torches in that stuff we salvaged from the pods? no. So not going in.

Pushing on now there’s a path and it looks more travelled than just a game trail. Ill walk off set standard soldier fashion. Its funny only two of us Marines left . Its leading to a swamp. Ick factor not interested. Checking the map Grizzard gave us I think we can head up the Caldera, ill lead the guys that way.

Huh, walkways through the swamp leading to the back of the Volcano. and a funny landing at the back of the volcano. oh this is gonna get interesting.

Ok Clever chops Doc, Pilot and Vet is playing with the symbols we found on this landing, reckons its a way in. Bloody ’ell. It is

Ok creepy tunnel and a coupla side doors…lets open this..huh. If they ain’t like them Gyppo Sarco things ill eat a baby bear. Oh your kidding me your going to open it!! I’m standing out in the hall. HAHAHAHAHA Told ya, icky mist stupid gits. And arrow traps sheesh so saw that coming. Oh your kidding me they want to do the other one…

Right humping down a tunnel hump hump hump ho ho ho ’ere we go.. allo whats this then. Wall, looks like a plaster and lathe type thing with eye holes. Right big cultural activities room this is in it. Right knife out carefully right the wall so we can slip through . Two doors?? yeh all right this one corridor, bend s back and your mohers your uncle its womens and bears in pits. Woohoo this is doddle this mission, much better than that scout ship one that went so wrong this is going well. Right we will have them spikes out of the way, climbing rope down and out in a jiffy.

‘Go check that door, thats as short cut back tot he cultural activities room I reckon’…

Why do I always do that. Right into the grand poobah’s dressing room and warmup crew.

Oh well done DOC you splatted the git right intot he bear pit. Oh and another. Aiming Crossbow, shuff, got him. Yeh this is the way to go. Crap this takes some reloading.

Right they is dead we is mostly intact, the Copper don’t look so good,. Hope Doc can patch hium enough to get walking. Stim him thats what I say, some decent combat stims and you can keep going with both your legs just stumps and an arm off at the elbow.

What was that bit about sticking a metal shank in the brains or they will fracking what!!!!!!!!!

gah this is a nasty world in some ways.

Hump through the boonies back to the beach, mostly uneventful, worrying however is the tracks that look like they followed us fromt he way in. Well hand over the Women and the bears to the waiting Canoe boys. however..we have to go back. We need to find out whats stirred up these green fellas and made em so belligerent. (big word that, heard Doc use it)

Copper to stay with the bears, and the rest of us are going to head back to the Green vill. We either have to resolve whats making em so fired up or kill enough of em messily enough they get the hint that Bears and Humies aren’t good fun keep orf.

Good luck with that. …….



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