Colonial Marines

Season 3 Episode 3 Run!!!!!!!!!


I look wistfully at the canoes as they paddle away from the beach. I so do not want to go back to check out the village, however a jobs a job. ICC Marines are fearless, yes however whilst uneducated, I am not stupid. This is so not going to end well.

Ash has rigged one of the transceivers to be a squelch sender we will squelch when we want the canoes to come back for us so at least we don’t have to worry about making a rendezvous.

I am point, my eyes are still blurry at too long a distance however I am also still the most experienced point we have. Copper is walking wounded, we thought we would send him back however he wouldn’t hear of it, he would hold up his end he reckoned. I doubt it, I think he will get killed

Up the mountain heading for that original ridge we were going for to get a look at the green guys village. Green short polaynesian looking guys, Doc says, dunno, I never got liberty on Poylaynasia so just look like a bunch of funny green guys to me.

Hmm big birds they have here..actually real big bird. Actually im sure that looks like ah…“Oh Frack ME!” Crossbow up sight fire! Miss it jinked past the shot damn it!! “AAHAHAA” Freaking Pteranodon has got me!!!!!!!!!!

Boom, Doc hit its wing with the shotgun and yeh. Right on top of me, sheesh that sucks. Boot Knife, stick this sucker. Damn beak oh that hurts!!!!!! ‘Stiuck it Stick it! Finally the thing is down and I’m loose and its winner winner cicken dinner, white meat or dark guys?..We stick its brain, don’t want this coming back on us. Did I mention that? yeh it seems dead aint necessarily dead round this planet. A parasite that colonises the brain of the deceased.

Well that sucked, i am in some serious hurt here now. Do we bug out or push on. Doc thinks that even with the shotgun them drums mean they won’t have heard it. We push on.

Watching the village from the ridge, Lots of Women Greenies, Kids, few adult males, attending celebrations, Where are the men?? Probably under the mountain. Great we are going to have to go in.

There is no way in from this side, too exposed and too easily to be spotted. So back tot eh tunnels from earlier.

We drop back in this time the lads are searching the sarcophagus. Some odd artifact and some gold bangles in one, that may come in handy, and a Composite bow and Arrows in the other.

Copper is going to carry that lot. I am not up to point too crippled so Pilot and Doc are up front Ash and Vet to rear myself and Copper in centre as we head on down. We explore the rooms already seen then continue down.

Open the door an oh for fracks sake, guard room with 5 wallies. All with a mad on and spears and Sharks teeth clubs. We feather a few with bolts weakening them and then its spear time lads, One down however so’s Copper and he doesn’t look good. We drop the bugger who took Copper down then its flailing about with clubs, and spears and a general brawl. I take another hit. I’m not well now armour saved me but I am seriously hammered.

Finally we drop the last, most of us have a few scrapes and bruises from their clubs. Doc gets to work on Copper hopefully he can get him back up with an adrenaline shot, we loot the bodies and spike the brain pans. Not having zombies behind us.

We push on find a primitive armoury and secure some spears that look like they will be able to be thrown.

Further in we emerge int o a cavern,, Guys on drum a frenzied crowd and tow robes on a platform… with a Boar Headed leader!! the main bad guy!! we have him now ….or not as all his mates see us, snarl and rush towards us and there he goes damn it!!

Oh hell….“RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

We scarper, Doc trys to drop his remaining grenades as we dash throught he tunnels however sadly no satisfying crump. We burst out onto the platform, doc tries a few combo but can’t lock the door so we keep runing oput on the walkways we cross between them then head out of the swamp. We spot another circling Pteranodon however it seems t like the idea of green food and stoops on them in the distance, yay something went our way. We make it back to the abandoned tower village and hide there from some groups a little too close on our tail and then head on to the beach, we sent the signal some time ago however the Ursa wlll still be a while and the Greenies are still looking out there.

Pilot hits on the idea of chopping a few trees and improvising a raft and we get his ready, As the greenies burst onto the beach we push the logs out and lash up in the water and climb on. Its a few hours however eventually the Ursa canoes return and we head back to their Island.

We debrief with Grizzard the big Ursa boss and decide we are going to hang here for a bit and heal up. During the night Doc comes in and does some mystical stuff and starts healing both me and Copper. Wow, thats….new.

Apparently doc has talked with their medicine shebear and picked up that maybe some of us can develop ‘talents’ and he has grabbed em with two hands.

Healing happens much quicker and we rest well the next couple of weeks restoring ourselves and talking with the various bear leaders about what we found and what it means and what to do next.

Decision time. Do we head to Human colony lands or do we try and see if we can finish the secondary objectives and or explore the possible dungeon under the tower.



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