Colonial Marines

The Sathar Ship

(Due to some absenses (Ash and the Corporal), the GM thought the rest of the group should explore the Sathar ship instead of breaking into two groups as originally planned. The GM had to alter the adventure slightly, but it all played out well).

Picking up from last session, Doc and Drive find themselves being sucked into the airlock as it fills with water. Once full, Doc manages to work the controls that remove the water and unlock the inner door. They’re in! They emerge into an area full of cargo containers; a cargo hold, most likely. The room seems to extend seven or eight metres to (what Doc thinks is) the entire width of the ship’s hull, and length-wise, maybe a quarter of the ship’s length. There are two doors leading out of this area: one forward, one aft. Doc instructs Drive to cover the door leading forward whilst he cycles the airlock and then covers the door leading aft.

Outside, nobody else seems to be able to open the outer hatch; instead of the indentations illuminating with a purplish colour, like when Doc played with them, they keep going orange. On the fourth attempt they light up dark blue and remain so. They’re locked out, so they start looking for a manual override. Pilot finds a removeable panel with a handle inside, which he soon figures out how to operate to open the door.

Whilst this is going on, inside Drive sees the door he is covering open up and a Sathar with an assault rifle of some kind step out. Obviously, the Sather must have been alerted as to the intruders trying to get in. But Drive isn’t thinking about this; he just tightens his M41A1 pulse rifle into his shoulder and squeezes off a five round burst. Four of the rounds hit the Sathar and he’s dead before he hits the floor. The door is still open and Drive can see a flight console in the area beyond. He keeps his pulse rifle tight into his shoulder and ready in case there are more Sathar in there.

Sergei and Guns are the next two into the airlock. Doc cycles it from his side and soon they are in the cargo compartment. Sergei is immediately drawn to the cargo containers, which appear to be made out of some sort of heavy plastic. He gets out his knife and starts trying to pry it open. Guns cautiously approaches the dead Sathar whilst staying out of sight of any other possible occupants of the flight room. He grabs the Sathar and hauls it aside, checking to ensure the creature is dead. He then grabs its assault rifle and quickly checks it over.

Outside, Pilot is again using the manual override to open the hatch so that he and the Combat Engineer can enter the Sathar ship. Once in, Doc again cycles the airlock to allow them entry.

In the meantime, Sergei’s attempts to prise open the container seem fruitless, and a critical fail sees his knife slip, embedding itself in his arm. The yelp of pain surprises a jittery Drive, who spins on his heels and almost lets off a burst at Sergei. Luckily, a good roll of the dice has him in check of his emotional state before his finger fully depresses the trigger.

Doc sees to Sergei’s wound, which has gone through his space suit. The air inside the Sathar ship seems quite breathable, although having a faint sulfur tang to it. The Combat Engineer has a look at thhe cargo crate and quickly finds a control console hidden behind a panel. Randomly pressing buttons, the cargo container’s lid lifts up, allowing the Combat Engineer to push it off. Inside, the crate is full of bags of long purpley worms…

Guns and Drive cautiously approach the door of the flight room. Guns enters but finds there are no other Sathar hiding in here. The room contains two crew consoles and lots of screens and monitors. Once patched up, Sergei spends time in here trying to figure out what useful data he can get off the ship’s memory.

With there being no other areas forward of the flight room, Doc commands the group to advance through the aft door. Drive and the Combat Engineer cover it whilst Guns opens it from the side, staying out of line of sight and line of fire(!). The room beyond is again the full width of the ship’s hull. It contains two slightly sunken ovoid-shaped ‘baths’ (for want of a better word). The baths each have a trough running along the inside edge which are full of purpley worms. The Combat Engineer and Guns remember seeing something similar before (in the sewer complex below the R&D centre) and identify them as Sathar sleeping pits. (They also saw them at the Sathar complex on the desert world of Dega, but nobody mentions those). The area seems empty and there is little of note, so the party cautiously approach the only other door; again leading aft. This time it is Pilot and Drive who cover the door whilst Guns opens it from the side, but this time a burst of fire comes through as soon as it’s opened. Drive takes four shots to the chest, dropping him. His armour took the brunt of the damage, but enough kinetic energy gets through to leave him unconscious and bleeding on the floor. The Combat Engineer fires a burst at the Sathar, which kills it instantly.

Whilst Doc works on Drive, Guns, Pilot and the Combat Engineer advance throught the doorway. This area is more of an access corridor, with removeable access panels on either side. At the end of the corridoor, behind the dead Sathar, is another door. Pilot opens up the access panels and discovers an engineering console and readouts behind one, and (what he assumes to be) life support behind the other.

Sergei catches up with the group and reports to Doc that he has accessed the Sathar navigation computer and has found co-ordinates of another Sathar ship. The group take a little time out to discuss what this other ship could be. Thoughts that it could be a dreadnaught or other heavy combat vessel are discounted as unlikely, as this vessel is a light, two-man scout ship, so presumably the other ship is its home base.

After this discussion, Guns and the Combat Engineer carefully open the door by the Sathar body. They find themselves in a smallish, curved room with a double-door hatchway straight ahead. In front of them is a strange looking rocket car, with rocket nacelles underneath the vehicle pointing downward. This area also contains a gun rack (containing two pistols. The slots for two rifles are, unsurprisingly, empty) which Guns inspects, while the Combat Engineer opens up the few lockers in here the find a pair of Sathar space suits and some tools.

Declaring the ship safe, Doc lays out a plan of using the Sathar scout ship to observe the other Sathar vessel and, depending on what they find, either heading back to the ICC fleet for backup, or attempting a boarding action themselves. Whilst the plan isn’t met with universal praise, it is acknowledged that Doc is the officer in charge.

Pilot and Sergei are able to mate up the navigation data on the CSV Harrier to the Sathar ship and (after a bit a firewall-cracking) vice-versa.

[Session ends here]



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