Sergei aka David Barney

Starships sensor specialist, Jack of all trades...master of guns!


*Sergei (Alias David Barney) *

Strength 10
Dexterity 13
Intelligence (IQ) 13
Health 11

Basic Speed: 6
Move: 6
Will: 13
Perception: 13

PD: 4 (Combat Armour, 2 if just the body armour)
DR: 12 (Combat Armour, 6 if just vest with jacket)

Hit Points 11 Max
Fatigue 10 Max

Dodge: 10 (6 + 4 (Armour))
Reaction Bon :0
Age: 22
Dominant Hand: Left


Rapid Healing (5 to health when recovering lost HP or rolling t get over a crippling injury)
Alcohol Tolerance (No major detrimental Effects of Drinking)
Resistant to Disease (
8 to health roll to avoid diseases)(19)
Resistant to Poison (+3 to Health roll to resist effects)(14)
Rank- Lietenant
Fit (Recovers fatique point twice as fast)


Alcoholic (Will roll to avoid drinking, +4 if ‘Withdrawn’ from drinking (Need 14 successive days of will rolls against drinking, or 14 successful rolls if no alcohol is available)

Skills (in which he has at least one point)
Computer Operations
Computer Operations(Security)
Electrical Operations (Comms, SS Comms, Computers, Security, SS Sensors)
Electronics (Computers)
Freight handling
Vehicle (Powerloader)
Survival (Urban)
Weapons (Knife, P90 PDW, P99 and Taser)


All that most people know of his past is recent. Graduating with average marks from the ICC university Engineering school with specialities in Electronics, Sergei’s father was a policeman killed in the line of duty just before he transferred from 1st year science at the Moscow University.

Sergei usually reverts back to his native russian when discussing his past, so few know what actually gave him his unnerving character. A man a few words, others find him unpredictable, but most play it safe and take him seriously all the time. Perhaps it is his fondness of using his FN P90s to show his sincerety…

Sergei aka David Barney

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