Colonial Marines


S3 Ep1 Guns POV 1st person shooter.

The seals crack and over pressured gas hissed from the slowly opening tube as my eyes open, and I drags in the first air from the pod in a gasp before dry retching over the tube side.

Gah I hate cryo. I rub my chin and i’m startled. A full beard… Uh oh that worrying. I was clean shaven when we piled in here . 3 other pods have popped . Judging by the lack of lights on the others some of them are failures. I hope we found a civilized spot I hate graves reg.

Pins and needles, I pound my leg muscles and get the blood flow going, feels like the massage unit did the job and prevented blood pooling and atrophy. Good. I dread that shit. Too much risk of clots. Give you a brain blow out.
Shit what’s with the gear. I paw through it. Half this shits degraded. Might be able to hack some of it back together depending what’s in the stasis bins. How long we been in this pod?

“Guy this is seriously fucked, something’s not right”

Doc and Pilot are trying to undog the hatch they looked out said its open savannah. Shit gimme a mountain range anyday.

Ash looks unperturbed. Also no beard or hair growth. He handy to have round but sheesh can you really trust em.

All the comm units are dead, shit so’s my MiPad. Damn I want to know how Eternal Soldier 47 finishes, will have to wait till I can get charge.

Ok pod open. Ugh sunny out here. Stasis boxes stasis boxes there. That’s them. Crap what did that to reactor housing. Uh… Yeh that’s a long furrow in the ground I think that explains the housing. Bugger. Hmm two pods. Colonist models… Not what I expected to see.

Well the stasis pods look good. What we got… Ah mule nice solar converters if I put that together I can get chargers up and running . Schweet Eternal Warrior ending yay!

Grumble grumble tab a in slot c and what the hell is this thing for meh who knows. Ok mule up and charging good ill slot some weapons pack and genpows in and get them up too.

Yeh I’ll help dig soon as I finish the bikes.

Ok bike 1 is good but bike 2 I’m fairly sure shouldn’t have a handful of parts left over. Pity driver seems to have had his pod crap out. Coulda used him but Ash can take a look and fix it.

Dig dig dig to put the deadens in it . Ick .

Oh WTF now! A freaking Raptor like in Jurassic 12!!! Hmm looks like I shoulda checked those guns before the boys headed off.

Ok drop the bipod sight in aim aim , gosh get out of the way Pilot sheesh .. Breathe out pause .. Shot. sweet lizard for dinner. Got to love a head shot.

Mmmm tastes like chicken. Ok one of these colonists fellas has picked up a beacon on his survival radio. We are going to check it out tomorrow. Odd pair these two. Reckon there ship set out 2191. That’s a year after we had the run in with the Sathar I reckons. Worrying on the plus side some back pay coming aye . Doc pilot and Ash figure there pods were ejected from the Botany Bay IV after a calamity. It designed to do that, pop a few if it will help the ship. Musts caught onto our pod as we came in and deorbited with us. Colonists is a good sign ain’t it.

I’ve checked the gear and broken the ammo down into the good lots from the stasis bins and the dodgy stuff we dumped on the pod floor when we piled in. Think I’ll keep the sniper ammo for myself these fumble fingers ain’t up to it. They can have most of the shotgun rounds that are good though. Most of the rest of this stuff might be good for fire lighting but that’s about it. And the MiPads won’t charge . Crap no eternal soldier for me then.

Morning another day in the corp, where every meal is.. Some sort of big lizard mixed with survival rats. Hmmm sounded better in my head.

Ride ride the mule … What the fig is that.

A log walked town. I’ll scope it up… Hmm ‘hey colonist, you know anything about why I’m looking at some big arse bears with crossbows?’

Uplifted animals well frack me.

Doc negotiating we going in. They pop us in a sort of hit den thing. Mm good grub, yeh yeh Bossman you and te other go checkout the shrine I’m gonna stay hate and Gaurd the gear.

Chatting with the smith they have. Seems no high tech here at all. I discuss gunpowder and how to make shotguns and brass rounds he is interested but really wants to trade for a hover bike.

Ok turns out its a good 600 years plus than we though. Man I hope the ICCC still exists I want my back pay.

In short seems the planet has devolved tech wise, and now the bears are being attacked by some short green guys and we need to help em get. A in cub back and a delegation back in exchange for some good will and ongoing help. Fair enough.

They seem a good sort these bears maybe try will teach me how to fire and maintain a crossbow. They look pretty good.

You know if we put our heads together we can prob help these bears out a lot…



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