Colonial Marines

From the personal log of Steve Taren

Log Entry – Number Unknown – Date Unknown

After being stuck on a dinosaur and zombie infested (and though we didn’t see one, dinosaur zombies infested) for an unknown period of time (close to 200 years according to one source) we finally discovered a way off the rock and have docked with the George R. R. Martin.

Upon boarding we found the ship on minimal power, with life support functioning – but poorly, the air was stale.

Entering the central lift shaft, Ben and I traveled to the central deck and entered it, looking for the cockpit.

With Ash and Juilan in the Engine bay, they got basic systems back online whilst they were doing so, I managed to power up the diagnostics in the cockpit and analyse the systems – everything in the green.

According to the log, the ship was carrying long-life food and and plant seeds for the colonists, then the ship’s crew transported down to the surface, leaving the ship in it’s good condition and fully powered down.

Upon checking the time systems, I found out we’d been stranded out here for approximately 260 years (though most of that was spend in cryo-stasis).

Discovering we are about 35 jumps (2 and a half years travel time (relative)) to return to civilisation. We proceeded to unload the rickety shuttle, including Doc Anon’s recharging station whilst we worked out some plans.

Our plan – to jump home whilst in stasis and revive every 10 jumps to check local conditions, though the Doc Julian gave a override control access to the stasis system in case we hit a civilised system before then. I also enabled a emergency override and delay into the navigation system so that the ship will stay in each system for long enough to get a decent signal return.

Ash and Doc Julian “put” Prof Anon to sleep for our probable transit time – I hit the go button on the Astro controls.

First 10 jumps, no issues, no civilisations.

Second 10 jumps, no issues, no civilisations.

Third 10 jumps, no issues, no civilisations.

Last set of jumps (5 this time) to jump into the New Eden system.

When we arrived, all sorts of proximity alarms, and a challenge from the Darrian Peoples Republic Customs Vessel 334 to be ready for boarding.

I let them on board. Four burgundy red-armoured and armed soldiers boarded, and we were arrested by their commanding officer for operating a civilian starship with a military grade engine.

We are processed, and a crimsoned uniformed (older) officer came to chat to us.

The ICC and the Marine/Navy as it was no longer exists – artificial person may be destroyed if not owned.

Earth was subject to a biological attack from the Sathar – we responded in kind, ICC fell and mankind lost contact with it’s colonies – and lost some space travel capabilities.

Uplifted animals have full rights – and can vote. The Darrrian People’s Republic is ruled by an elected representative council from Earth and it’s colonies.

Got paid $10K pension, and were provided full Citizenship and ID cards, I managed to retain full Pilot and Weapons licences.



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