Colonial Marines


The escape pod’s engines cut back from their controlled burn as the nose of the pod dipped slightly, small spurts of vapour gasping from directional nozzles around the craft as the small vessel’s computers made tiny last-second adjustments to its entry trajectory as it angled into the planet’s atmosphere. Entry into an atmosphere is a precise art; too shallow and the pod would bounce off the atmosphere and back into space. Too steep and the pod would very quickly be buffeted into pieces from the friction of the air it passed through and burnt up as its ablative shields failed.

The pod’s more complex short-range sensors confirmed the data the long-range sensors had acquired several days ago about this planet; breathable air, acceptable gravity and indications of human habitation. The _Harrier_’s escape pod continued to angle towards the repeating beacon it had zeroed in on…


Awesome episode 1 Season 3. Loved every minute of it. can’t wait for episode 2. Were going on a bear hunt..well, I suppose we are going on a hunt/rescue mission/negotiation at the request of uplifted bears so it fits.


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